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Just Me..

I am a Los Angeles based mixed media artist, also certified as a hair and makeup artist. I attended MUD Makeup Designory School in Los Angeles and received my certification in 2013. 

My interest in art began early in life, I always knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to explore my creative side which is why I originally chose the art of makeup. This allowed me the use of a perfectly blank canvas, the human face to create beautiful works of art.

As time moved forward I began to explore my creativity through mixed mediums in Acrylic paint, oil paint and sculpture where I truly found my love and passion. Now currently re-exploring and following my true passion my goal is to inspire others and continue to spread joy and beauty around the world through all forms of art. 

      - Adonica Pedraza

Art Shows

Conception Art Show - Los Angeles 2018

Magnification Artshow - Los Angeles  2018

Tiny Art Gallery - Los Angeles -  2018 - 2020

Upcoming Shows


Film Makeup Projects

Resolution Song

Heavy Duty Lovers

A Fathers Journey 

The Gordon Hunt Documentary

 Beauty In The Broken 

The Magic Shoe 

A Different Tree 

The Bianca Bee Show 

Freelance Work Events

Chella Brows

OCC Cosmetics

Queen For A Day Event Hollywood, CA

Paalante Fashion Show

Joffery West Los Angeles Ballet 

VM Designs Fashion Show 

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